Hi, thanks for visiting Blonde & Bounder! I'm Sara, an American, currently residing in England with my husband and our two French Bulldogs. Growing up, I spent a great deal of time between Colorado and Pennsylvania; two places that have beautiful landscapes and are filled with inspiring artisans. Now, I love venturing around the English countryside. My mission; to be present.



Lincoln, also known as Linky or Senior Toots is a bit of a character. When he’s not zooming around the house or patrolling the neighborhood from his perch at the front window, he’s sleeping, snacking or farting (hence the nickname). He is very proud of his extensive stick collection, which he adds to nearly every day. He is also an avid sunbather.

Lily, is an absolute gem. She loves to give kisses and meet new folks and pups. When she's not tormenting her big brother, she's squeaking toys, snorting, snoozing, and demanding just a bit more food. Her favorite place to snooze is on my shoulder which is why we've dubbed her "the percher". *

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