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Jamie Oliver's Mexican Tomato Soup

Jamie Oliver's Mexican Tomato Soup

A little over a month ago, I decided that I because the big 3-0 is right around the corner, I was going to start taking better of myself. I started going to the gym five days a week. While that sounds a bit excessive, I'm not doing it to lose weight. My goal is to build healthy, lean muscle and improve my endurance. Six weeks in and I'm feeling fantastic! While changes in my appearance are subtle, it's the way I feel that excites me.

Your body is an amazing thing. Once it adjusts to its healthy routine, it starts to crave healthier things. While I still love the occasional dessert, I have found I crave certain fruits and veggies slightly more. So I've been in search of new recipe's that sound and taste delicious. 

Jamie Oliver has tons of cook books. He released his newest, Everyday Super Foodat the end of August; right around the start of my fitness journey. This lovely new cookbook focuses on foods packed with all the stuff that's good for you. The bonus? The recipes are delicious and beautiful -- just have a look at that Mexican Tomato Soup I made! 

If you'd like the recipe to this one I suggest picking up the book. If you want to check out some free soup recipes, have a click here.