an american in paris

As most of you know, I've lived in England for nearly five years now. I have seen many lovely places around this lovely little country but I have never really been anywhere else! The only big trips Luke and I usually take are back to the United States for the holidays and to visit my family, which is hardly a vacation.

Please family, do not take this personally. I love you dearly, but you know what I mean. Sometimes one needs to travel somewhere and be at her leisure with a schedule that's not so packed to the brim that she arrives home more tired than she left or feeling badly about anyone she may have missed seeing.

Anyway! We are soon off to France for a dear friend's wedding. When I was in the States, earlier this month, Luke told me he had booked the trip. I thought we were simply staying for a long weekend and returning home shortly after, but he has totally surprised me with a five day stay in Paris following the wedding! I am beyond excited as now I feel like we'll have a proper vacation -- the very first in awhile. I've been trying to figure out what to wear and where to visit ever since, so now I need your help! I would love to hear anyone's suggestions on where to visit, to eat, and what to photograph. Please leave suggestions in the comments or send emails. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Until then I'll be studying up on my French, thanks to Duolingo. Je vais en Paris!