Let's Get Real

I'm finding it hard this week to write something light-hearted or fun. As a woman who is no stranger to off-color remarks, cat-calling, uninvited advances and touching; I think it's time to get serious. If you're a man reading this, I want you to think of every woman dear to you. I guarantee you every one of them has experienced some sort of unwanted sexual advance in their life. Unfortunately, it's the norm and has been for far too long.

I have experienced things that I still think about, dream about, and that trigger anxiety. These experiences have altered my mental health, my approach to interaction and affection, the way I take care of myself, and much more. None of this I asked for.  

As a seventeen-year-old stopping for the restroom in a hoodie and jeans, I was not asking for it, at 27 out with my fiancé and friends I did not invite a stranger to grab my ass, and I certainly didn't ask to be threatened with rape when I thwarted a man from going further after he grabbed me from behind and put his hands on me and up my dress! After leaving a job when I graduated University, I was told outside of work by a manager, "It's a shame you aren't single, because you would get fucked." I've got more, but like so many I'm not comfortable talking about them.  

It's deplorable that people think that this sort of behavior is okay, or because of their position in society, it'll all just be swept under the rug with the threat of destroying an advancing career. I applaud every woman who chooses to speak about their experiences. In regards to Harvey Weinstein, I send an enormous amount of respect and love to Rose McGowan who was dismissed and victim blamed and stayed strong for not just herself but for every woman involved for two decades! Rose, you are a fucking hurricane! Thank you.