Pie for the Holidays

When the holidays roll around, baking pies is something that makes me feel at home. Their tastes and smells transport me back to all of those lovely moments growing up baking in the kitchen with my grandparents and my dad. 

One of my favorite pies is Pecan! I think its flavor suits the harvest and holiday season so well. Pecan pie is made with a butter-sugar-egg custard and it is said that the French invented the dessert soon after settling in New Orleans, being introduced to the pecan nut by the local Native American tribes. I'm not sure how accurate that story is but Native Americans did disperse these lovely nuts up and down the Mississippi River and used them long before Settlers ever stepped foot in America. 

When I was back in the States visiting family, I had some great Pecan Pie at this lovely little cafe in Boerne, TX. So upon returning home, I had to make some more! If you've never tried it or are interested in baking this yummy pie at home, try this recipe!** 

Not crazy about nuts? Try my other seasonal favorite, Pumpkin Pie. Be sure to top both with whipped cream!

**Since England is a no go on Corn Syrup, replace that ingredient with your lovely Golden Syrup. I find it the best substitute.