Getting Back to Productive

Okay, so I was never going to post on Christmas Day. I didn't have anything planned and I knew no one was reading on Monday. But Wednesday I had every intention of posting something! I really need to get some of my pro blogger friends to help me set up something automated. Anyway, I don't know about you but in the days from Christmas to New Years, I am just one million percent unproductive. Crimbo Limbo hits me and hits me hard! So, I decided to scrub the lazy idea of posting today what I was meaning to post on Wednesday and write something that pertains to the post-holiday laziness. Pretty productive right?! 

Get out of your PJs! 

The days leading up to Christmas we are all rushing around making sure everything is wrapped and we have everything we need in the fridge. After that, the big day arrives and so do the family members. After all of the entertaining, cooking, cleaning, and merriment, at the first sign of downtime, we jump into it and we don't come out -- for days! So, the first step in snapping out of that vegetative state is to get dressed and ready like you have somewhere to go even if you don't. Because getting yourself up and presentable is a ritual that sets your mind and body in motion for the day. I always like taking it a step further and go out for a cup of coffee. I feel like getting out and seeing and hearing the buzz sets me in motion as well. If you do head out for a cuppa, don't forget your Ecoffee Cup! I know you guys put those on your Christmas list! 

Get outside and take a walk.

Whether you have pets or not, walking is good for you and the fresh air is beneficial too. If you don't have any walking routes that are particularly scenic, or you live in a populated neighborhood, switch it up and head out in the evening. There should still be plenty of Christmas lights to gaze at! This also gives you the perfect excuse to come home and make some more hot chocolate!

Write things down.

I have a notebook that I write everything in; To-Do lists, shopping lists and just pages of rambles and ideas. It keeps my head straight so I don't forget things and it also gives me the opportunity to write down my intentions for the day or even days ahead. I find that even if it doesn't make sense right away getting your thoughts out on paper clears your head and opens you up some great ideas. If you manage to have a great idea, go on and do it! Take advantage of the free time!

I always recycle my notebooks once they're full but I'm thinking perhaps dictation is a better route, that way I can save the paper altogether. I'm still not 100 percent comfortable speaking out loud into my phone. I have friends who are total pros, so if that's your it!

Go to the cinema.

As a teen and 20-something, going to the movies was what I did on the regular. If there was a good film playing and I had no class or an evening off work, you can bet your ass I was at the movie theatre. Although I still live for the movies, I don't go to the theatre as much as I used to. So, getting out and escaping real life for a couple of hours is always fun! Plus there's popcorn! Want a suggestion on what to go see? The Greatest Showman is unbelievable!!

Clean up.

I like to put my Christmas gifts away or find their respective places in my home. This, of course, leads to sorting through things that I don't use much anymore. Deciding what can stay and what needs to go makes you take stock of the items that really matter and belong in your house. Clearing your space also clears your mind. Then, before you know it, the vacuum comes out. You see where I'm going with this? Take an afternoon or even a day and enjoy your tidy home all the way to 2018!

They aren't profound, but I hope that some of these ideas get you up and moving! Enjoy and we'll see you next year!