Take Care of your dog, take care of you

Walking a pet(s) daily doesn't just benefit their health. There are many reasons why getting outside with your dog greatly benefits you as well.  This can be a pretty obvious assumption. Taking a long, leisurely walk helps with circulation and energy levels (thanks to those happy endorphins). Whether you take one walk or multiples, your pet isn't the only one wracking up those extra steps. Exercise and fresh air are good for everyone!

Getting outside on your own is said to reduce stress, add a happy dog (or two) to the equation and you may benefit even more! Using walks as an opportunity to bond with your pet can calm you down and focus your mind away from your everyday worries. Focusing on your surroundings and your breathing is key. If you're not into breathing exercises, this can be a very good alternative. But try yoga too! 

Not only can walking your dog clear your mind of everyday stresses, it can also call forth new inspiration. Take in what's around you, notice the little things, and allow yourself to be removed from what normally ties you down or distracts you. You'll be surprised what ideas pop into your head!

I'm lucky enough to live in close proximity to great walking routes surrounded by beautiful countryside. No matter where you are located, you only need two things for a good walk: your dog and yourself. You'd be surprised how many times my surroundings on walks has inspired a photograph, blog post, or just a fantastic memory. Nevermind the weather, we've been caught in rain, wind, snow, covered in mud, and it's always fun! Leave your phone at home and get outside!